In the early 1970s, as Cambodia was in the midst of civil war, Takeo Province was already under Khmer Rouge rule. The first of the work camps, which would be set up throughout the country during the regime, was open around 1973 in that province, along with a prison and killing center overseen by Ta Mok, who would be involved in numerous Khmer Rouge purges in the country and happened to be from Takeo Province.

In July 27, 2020, Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) Inaugurated Takeo Documentation Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Lork Chumteav Ton Sa-Im, under-secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, presided over this inauguration ceremony. The purpose of establishing Takeo Documentation Center is to disseminate Khmer Rouge document archives to public and to educate younger generation a History of Democratic Kampuchea. Takeo Documentation Center holds various kinds of materials, among them: Khmer Rouge regime correspondence and memoranda, contemporary letters, confessions, testimonies, films, and photographs. The center’s archives focus on the documentation of the history of the Khmer Rouge (or Democratic Kampuchea), which governed Cambodia between 1975 and 1979.

The Center operates as an administrative office for planning and supervising the implementation of outreach activities, but also a research and education center. In addition, the Center is responsible for having a plan to collect oral history of local survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime. The Center would also host families of victims and assist local families with requests for information on loved ones who died during the regime.


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