A Study of Victims Stories, Confessions, and Biographies

The Victim History Project is a project dedicated to correlating information about victims, spread out over various archives, databases, histories and stories, into a single book that memorializes the persons who lost their lives. This book would reflect the first attempt to inscribe the names of the dead and their stories into a history book, so that the victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide are remembered and heard as individual persons, rather than as categories of people or numbers. In addition to names and known biographical information of each individual, the project will include basic information relating to the Khmer Rouge history, its security apparatus, its rise and its demise. It will also discuss concepts relating to disappearance and its impacts on psychological well-being of survivors today.

This book is a critical supplement to the work of the Extra-ordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia (ECCC) by focusing on the circumstances associated with individual victims caught up in these events. This project will seek to describe individual victimhood, bringing solace to the families of victims who never understand what happened to their loved ones.  Just as the ECCC seeks to achieve some semblance of closure for victims as to what happened, why, and who was responsible, this project will achieve some semblance of closure for individual victims and the thousands of families who have never understood the true circumstances of their loved one’s lives and death. Expected outputs: 1.Book of Memory, 2.Distribution ceremony. Direct Beneficiaries:  3,900 Victims’ family members.