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Bou Samnang: A New Promise and Hope for Cambodia (2023)

Bou Samnang: A New Promise and Hope for Cambodia “Under a torrential downpour, she kept running, and despite coming in last, she was the center of attention, with everyone wondering what was running through her mind. Through her tears, under the monsoon rains, we begin to see a clearer picture of the nation for all Cambodians. A nation that we all share of equal love. I did not cry with her, but my heart did. Watching her run, with tears streaming down her face, could be seen as almost a cathartic moment for all Cambodians—sheering away all the tragedies of war and genocide that have been lingering over us for decades. Her emotions, combined with the monsoon rains, could be seen as creating a new promise and hope for Cambodia—that after sadness, this small runner, like the small country of Cambodia, can rise again to the hope of a better, brighter tomorrow.” Youk Chhang A Khmer Rouge Survivor and Executive Director of Documentation Center of Cambodia

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