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Record No. D60021

Cambodia : Khieu Samphan in Phnom Penh; Offers cease-Fire.

Location of Document/Book: KH, DC-CAM, Document no. D60021

Date of Document: Oct 01, 1993


Record No. D75080

Rebel Close in on Phnom Penh; Saigon fighter base in shelied; US to cut South Vietnam Staff.

Location of Document/Book: D75080

Date of Document: 16/4/75


Record No. K09330

Keo Lorn

KR Rank 1975-79:

Promoting Accountability

Record No. KCI0159

Sokh Khan

Source of Interview: KCI0159 20021226, Dammnak Chrey village, Peamchikang commune, Kang Meas district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewed by Chuong Sophearith. Notes: Sokh Khan disappeared. Interviewed with her sister, Moeung Thy,52.

Promoting Accountability

Record No. KCI0253

Phan At

Source of Interview: KCI0253 20030323, Svay Sranoh village, Rorka-a sub-district, Kang Meas district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewed by Long Dany. Notes: Phan At disappeared. Interviewed with his step father called Un Sam Oeun.

Promoting Accountability

Record No. KCI0272

Sann Roeung

Source of Interview: KCI0272 20020421, Thmei village, Lvea sub-district, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewd by Isa Osman and Huy Vannak. Notes: Interviewed with Sann Roeung, 50, was a security guard of Ta Mok៌s House, Non biography.

Promoting Accountability

Record No. KCI0278

Chea Khan

Source of Interview: KCI0278 20030320 House no. E1 St 221 near Angduong Hospital Phnom Penh, Interviewed by Prum Phalla, Notes: Chea Khan disappeared. Interviewed with Chim Ren who is Chea Khan’s cousin

Promoting Accountability

Record No. KCI0503

Khiev Kim Soeun

Source of Interview: KCI0503 20031013, Andaung Ta Loeng village, Thma Poun sub-district, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewed by Long Dany. Notes: Interviewed with Khiev Kim Soeun, biography owner.


Record No. Y00376

Hun Sen

KR Rank 1975-79: Regimental Commander, 197703?? ;notes: responsible for border between Region 21 and Vietnam (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ Officer, 55th Company, Special Forces Regiment, Region 21, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Regimental Chief of Staff (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Deputy Commander, Special Regiment, Region 21, 1977???? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ a regimental “commander” (Khmer term unavailable);notes: 1975-1977 (BKI 21.10.80) ~ chief of staff, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from September 1975 (BKI 23.9.91) ~ chief of staff and deputy commander, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from early 1977 (BKI 23.9.91)


Record No. Y01062

Nuon Chea

KR Rank 1975-79: Member of the CPK Standing Committee (BKI 147, p. 532) ~ Deputy Secretary of CPK (EB, WWO, p. 187) ~ appointed temporary replacement for Pol Pot as prime minister, 197609?? (EB, WWO, p. 278) ~ CPK Deputy Secretary-General, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 33) ~ President, Cambodian People’s Representative Assembly Standing Committee, 1976???? (BK, PPR, p. 326) ~ member of Standing Committee


Record No. Y05259

Seat Chhe

KR Rank 1975-79: former secretary of Region 22, Eastern Zone, 19770827 (Tum’s confession, p. on the cover page)

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