Women Rights Training in Anlong Veng

The project will begin with an in-depth study on the status of women who served supporting roles during the civil war (1979-1998). We expect this research will illuminate how former female members of the KR became victims of social marginalization and status. The Cambodian civil war (1979-1998) placed women in this region in great danger. Women supported their husbands on the battlefield by carrying ammunition and bringing food supplies from very long distances—all while navigating deep jungles, minefields, and poisonous insects and dangerous animals. In contemporary times, many of these women have diminished in their economic and social status in the community. Based on our initial research, most of these women have become marginalized in society and many have suffered as victims of domestic violence. 

This research would examine their history and provide training and mentorship sessions to improve their livelihoods, understanding of their rights, and their access to services. We will use their history to shed light on the vulnerability of women in Cambodia, as well as issues such as domestic violence, poverty, and gender issues. The final output of the project will involve publication of a report on findings, outputs, and recommendations both online and in print.