It is a goal of Documentation Center of Cambodia to train a generation of young Cambodians to produce valuable research, and ultimately to publish books on a par with international scholarly standards. Our Research and Publications Project aims to: a) serve as a resource on the history of Democratic Kampuchea, b) produce scholarly publications, generate scholarly exchange, catalyze training, and create opportunities for our staff to pursue advanced degrees, c) provide a cross-check and confirmation of Khmer Rouge primary documents, and d) provide a broader overall understanding of the Democratic Kampuchea regime.

Given the experience levels of Documentation Center of Cambodia researchers, our strategy is to comb primary and secondary sources, and to conduct interviews with Khmer Rouge victims and perpetrators, in order to assemble a thorough empirical record of data that can then be analyzed by scholars. It takes a great deal of time, training, and experience to produce sophisticated theoretical analyses, but we hope that over time, our researchers will increasingly be able to carry out studies of the more analytical variety.