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This project will draw from the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia’s goal to infuse rule of law issues in local and national level institutions. Using Anlong Veng district as the case study, we will study how (and to what extent) concepts of the rule of law as drawn from the ECCC’s work have permeated and impacted villagers and village political processes. We expect that our research will provide useful information on ways to enhance local understanding on fundamental concepts of the rule of law. We also expect that our findings will be informative for other rule of law and democracy initiatives of the USG.  Anlong Veng is an ideal pilot community for this project because DC-Cam already has a permanent presence in the community and friendly relations with all key stakeholders from senior government officials to religious and community leaders. 

The ultimate goal of this process is two-fold: First, research and report on how and to what extent, concepts of the rule of law, as demonstrated in the ECCC’s work, have impacted villagers and village political processes. Second we will use this information to guide our mentorship of village elders and villagers at-large in key rule of law concepts, which we expect may range from general concepts and practices to more critical legal issues and questions.