Category: SURVIVORS’

Sek Moeun, Soldier

My husband worked for the civil aviation administration at Pochentong Airport when we met. He was responsible for security at the airport at a time

Kang Nan, Soldier

This picture was taken during the Lon Nol regime in Phnom Penh. I had moved there to live with my younger cousins because I didn’t

Kauv Choa, Soldier

Kauv Choa married me when he was 22 and I was 18. Although we lived in the same village, we had never met before his

Huy Mann, Soldier

was not really ready for love when I was 18. Mann and I first met on the Khmer New Year, when he was on a

Voeng Vorn, Soldier

My husband Vorn had skin the color of a soybean. He was gentle, hardworking, and very likable. We were married when I was 16. About

Khiev Noeun, Second Lieutenant

Noeun studied in Kandal Province. He was a good student and earned a diploma. During the chaos following the 1970 coup d’état, he volunteered to

Uk Tat, Second Lieutenant

My father Uk Tat was a soldier. He was the only one in his family to be educated; he went to school at a pagoda

Kok Saroeun, Soldier

loved being in uniform. I wore the uniform in this picture only when I was being promoted or having my photograph taken; when I went